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Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of Katy has helped hundreds of people in Katy, Texas drop pounds, lose inches, slim down, and get healthier. The proof of our success is in the results!


Tanya H. and her success storyI don’t remember a time when I haven’t been on a diet or trying to lose weight. I’ve tried almost every program out there with no long term positive effects. Last summer, I ran into a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while. She looked amazing! We had always done our “diets” together, but she had joined Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers and I tried something else. Needless to say, her plan worked and mine didn’t. My weight was at an all-time high and I had pretty much given up.

View Tanya's results from the staff at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of Katy, TXI thought if it worked for her, it might just work for me. I called and made an appointment for the next day, but ended up chickening out and cancelling it. This was a last ditch effort and I was terrified this program wouldn’t work for me either. They ended up calling me back and talked me into coming in for a free consultation. Walking through that door was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but the staff was super supportive and positive. I remember sitting across from Beverly and her saying I had a couple of choices: join and get healthy and be around for my family or continue on the path I was on and probably end up with serious health problems. Not much of a choice! She also told me she believed if I did join and committed to program, I could easily lose 50 pounds by my 40th birthday, which was 4 months away. I thought she was totally nuts! I had enough trouble losing 20 much less 50!

Turned out, she was right! I started the program that next day and my goal was “Lose 50 by 40”. I decided I owed it to myself and my family. After making it through the first week, I thought I might actually do this! I never really felt hungry and was able to stick to the program. The staff was so supportive and became my cheerleaders. I lost 93 pounds in a little under a year and I’ve never felt better! My family and friends are all proud of me, but most of all, I am proud of myself! Thank you PWLC!!!

   -- Tanya H.
   Total Gone Forever
   93 pounds
   106 inches


Kathy and her success storyGrowing up, most of my life I never really had to worry about my weight. I was always active, working out 3-4 times a week and keeping in shape. When I met my husband and got married in 1996 I was in the best shape I had ever been in. I got pregnant with my son soon after we got married, and I gained over 55 pounds with my pregnancy. I really never bounced back from the pregnancy and that weight gain. I don’t remember a time since the birth of my son in 1998 where I haven’t tried every diet or quick fix diet pill to try to get to where I was when I met my husband. Once I reached my 40’s I really just gave up. I began to eat anything and everything I wanted, hoping that one of those quick fix diet plans or pills would one day do the trick . In a matter of a few years, my weight crept up and up and I weighed more than I ever had. I was buying sizes I thought I would never have to buy and was so disgusted with myself, yet kept up with the unhealthy lifestyle because I had given up.

View Kathy's results from the staff at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of Katy, TXAt a loss of what to do and after seeing great success that a co-worker of mine had with Physicians Weight Loss, my husband and I decided to give it a try. We joined in late July, 2014 and I can honestly say I was surprised at how easy it was to stick with it. The staff of PWLC are super supportive and held me accountable for every bite I put in my mouth. The weight began to drop off and it motivated me to keep going. Before I knew it, my clothes were falling off of me and I was having to buy sizes I had not been able to fit into since I met my husband 19 years ago. It felt so good! I am so proud of myself and have not felt this good in a very long time! I was able to hit my goal weight in 8 months losing a total of 42 pounds! I am back in the gym 3-4 times a week and have even began training to run a 5K soon. I could not have done this without the support and encouragement of PWLC! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

   -- Kathy S.


I have struggled with weight my whole life, yet by the time you read this I will have lost over 100lbs. all this since November 2014. It wasn’t until I got hurt that the pounds packed on. The combination of limited mobility and age sent me on a downward spiral, and upward weight gain. I was no longer living but existing. I could no longer drive my vehicle, because of my weight, and worst of all I could not give my daughter the attention she needed from her Daddy, nor could I be the husband my wife deserved. I was very miserable. After a very bad bout with the flu in late September 2014, I hit rock bottom in my health. I thought I would never make it to see 40 yrsSalvatore has lost 100 pounds since November 2014.. old. I broke down and shared my tears with my church members and prayed for a solution. Two weeks later that solution was presented before me, and I met the most wonderful caring people at the Physicians Weight Loss center in Katy. They treated me with a compassion and care I have never experienced before. I saw a love for what they do in their eyes. When I came the first time I could barely walk in it took me 15 min to get to the consultation office. I could hardly stand to get my weight measured. It took me 30 minutes to leave because of pain in my legs. Now I face still a long journey in weight loss, but my life has changed drastically in the past few months Instead of not making it to 40, my life has begun at 40, thanks to being blessed with my new friends at Physicians Weight Loss Center in Katy. I can’t explain how much my life has changed, I look forward to my weight loss journey and for the first time in my life after failing all other of the “name brand diets” fad diets, and even an early form of lap band surgery, I know, now, through my faith and Physicians Weight Loss Center, I will achieve success. Be looking for my next testimonial at my next 100 pound loss..

- Salvatore Floridia


I have always struggled with my weight. I have tried too many fad diets to count. I have always been on a cycle of loss and gain. In December of 2013, my weight peaked at the highest it had ever been. I was at a crossroads. I had a decision to make. I was either going to stay that way and embrace my plus-sized body, or do something to change it. The diets I had tried were not working. Then a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center of Katy opened across the street from where I worked. Some of the staff came to my work and presented the program to our staff. They made is sound so easy! I was skeptical, but I felt like I had to take one last chance on myself. In January, I joined PWLC. It was an emotional day for me. I was unsure if it would work, but Suzi and the staff at PWLC assured me that they would be there for me the entire time to provide support and encouragement. To my surprise, the program was so easy to follow, and each time I stepped on the scale I was down. To date, I have lost 66 pounds! I went from a size 16 to a size 4! I never imagined these results! I am so grateful to Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of Katy. They believed in me when I did not believe in myself. The best part about this transformation is that it has made me a better wife and mother because I am happier and healthier!

- Amy


Last summer, after a 2 week vacation and another 9 pound weight gain, I came home to a pile of mail.  The flyer announced PWLC’s Grand Opening in my neighborhood with 40% off.  “I’m going to do it. I am miserable. I have tried every diet.  I am not having surgery.  Maybe they can help me.” I said to myself as I have said a thousand times.  I put the flyer in my car so I wouldn’t have an excuse not to get started.

A few weeks later, I found the flyer on the last day to use the coupon!  That day changed my life forever!

Suzi’s smile and hopeful attitude hooked me. She listened to me as I explained my weight loss and gains throughout my life.  She explained how the PWLC’s program worked and showed me how I could change my lifestyle of binge eating unhealthy foods.  She encouraged me and believed in me. 

It was so easy!  The pounds melted off!  My favorite part of my weight loss is that I have inspired others to get healthy. I love it when someone tells me that I have motivated them.  I also love being able to shop in the “Misses” section of the store now!  Most importantly; my daughters are proud of me!  I feel great!

- Donna, Age 44
97 pounds lost


I am 47 years old and have seen my “base weight” increase over the years from 185 lbs in High School….to over 215 lbs in December of 2013.  I have always loved to exercise, generally at least 4 days a week;  however, as I got older it was becoming  impossible for me to exercise enough to compensate for my poor eating habits.  In addition to generally being ashamed of my appearance, my blood pressure and cholesterol were high, with mandates from my physician that I go on meds for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

I had tried personnel trainers, counting calories, and every “fad” diet that came along.  I would have some “temporary” successes at losing 5-10 lbs….only to add it all back (with interest)…within a few months.  Something had to change. 

My 2014 New Years resolution was once and for all to shed some pounds.   A new Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Clinic opened up literally a few blocks from my house, so I took this as a sign from the “weight loss gods” that this was something I should try.  I stopped by the clinic to receive some information, and signed up that day.  I advised the staff that I preferred immediate results, and did not want a complicated “counting calorie plan” that would take me 12 months to see results.   After passing my medical screening,  I signed up for the most aggressive weight loss plan they offered, that allowed me to eat two protein bars, two shakes,  4oz of meat and some vegetables…the plan promised 3-5 lbs of weight lost week.

At that time, my initial goal was to lose 20 lbs.  I honestly NEVER thought I would achieve that.  I got on the plan with high hopes, stopped by the clinic several times a week to weight in and receive guidance from the staff.  If I went AWOL, the staff would call me to check –in.  The plan was extremely simple to follow, and after I went through a week of physical withdrawals from no sugar, no caffeine, and no carbs the plan was amazingly easy to follow.  I quickly met my target of 20 lbs, and set a new target of 25lbs.  I blew through that new target as well……and set a new aggressive target to get below 175 lbs.  After 5 months my final weigh in was  173 lbs for a total weight loss of 47 lbs.  I have been at my target weight for over 3 months, after transitioning from the actual weight lost plan.

My blood pressure and cholesterol are both to acceptable levels, with NO medication.  I am no longer ashamed to get my picture taken, my kids brag about how skinny their dad is.  There is not a person that knows me that is not amazed at the physical transformation, I lost a total of 47 inches (required two new sets of clothes!).

I contribute my success to the following:

    • The plan I selected was simple and easy to follow.  I travel a lot, and in meetings constantly, the shakes and bars were tasteful and easy to take wherever in the world I went.
    • The accountability of the staff to call when I missed weigh ins, and to provide guidance when I got off track was instrumental to my success.  Whenever I thought about eating something “off the plan” I would think about the next “weigh-in”….and how I did NOT want to see that number go up.  That accountability got me through the bad habits of the last 20 years.
    • My eating habits are fundamentally changed.  I don’t count calories…but I am NOW very aware of the importance of eating throughout the day, drinking TONS of water, and making healthy choices. I have NO doubt that this is a lasting lifestyle change that will add years to my life.

I strongly recommend this program….it changed my life.

- Greg


Jennifer 48 years old from Katy and her success storyView Jennifer's results from the staff at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of Katy, TXAfter the twins were born I had a hard time shedding the baby weight. On top of that I was gaining a few pounds each year. I didn’t make or have time to take care of myself and my schedule was consumed with work and kids activities. I lacked energy and was “tired of feeling tired” all the time. I knew I had to do something…quick!

I saw a sign for Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of Katy and decided to give them a call and see what they had to offer. That one phone call changed my life. After learning about the program I knew this was the one for me. I had no idea how easy it would be and how quickly I would see results. Seeing the quick results was a huge motivation to me.

They kept me accountable to my weekly goals and provided the meal plan support I needed when I had to travel for work or eat out at a restaurant. They gave me the tools I needed to change the way I think about food and how to eat to live.

When people ask me how I lost weight I am excited to share my story and how Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of Katy made it possible.

I lost 73 pounds in 9 months and have maintained my goal weight for over 5 months. I am proud of my success and there is no turning back!

   -- Jennifer C – age 48, Katy, TX

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PWLC Katy has helped hundreds of people in Katy, Texas drop pounds, lose inches, slim down, and get healthier. The proof of our success is in the results!

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