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Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® (PWLC) has been helping people successfully lose excess pounds and inches for over 35 years! We take great pride in delivering a comprehensive, medically supervised and effective weight loss program for each of our clients. This begins with our center staff offering you careful monitoring throughout your program to help assure you of sensible and effective weight loss. It continues with our professional services which consist of outstanding one-on-one support by our staff counselors, weekly weigh-ins, body measurements, regular body composition analysis, behavioral guidance, and a continuous monitoring of baseline vital signs and general health.

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® has 6 specially designed weight loss programs and a vegetarian plan to offer. We realize that not all diets work the same for everyone, hence we conduct a pre-diet testing and evaluation process which helps us select the program that will be most effective for you! The evalutation process consists of a medical questionnaire, a comprehensive weight loss history, and a goal sheet enabling us to determine your current lifestyle habits. The PWLC counseling team will also perform body measurements and a comprehensive body analysis (body fat %, muscle mass, total body weight, BMI). This will ensure you are losing fat not just weight. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® medical staff will perform a detailed blood panel and EKG so we can further personalize each of our client's plans. This will be followed with a physical exam by our Licensed Center Physician to help ensure a safe weight loss program.

Recap our Four Phase Weight Loss Program:

  • Phase One - Diet detox and medical exam with blood chemistry panel and; EKG
  • Phase Two -
    • Begin one of seven Thermogenic Diets
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Complete Body Analysis
    • Meal Planning
    • Weekly Multi-Vitamins and Essential Minerals
  • Phase Three - Normalization for six week calorie adjustment to retrain your body at your goal weight. This is essential for weight loss maintenance.
  • Phase Four - Maintenance - Your insurance plan for keeping the weight off.

We don't stop there with the services. We also offer a host of ways to complete you weight loss and energize your body today and tomorrow.

Schedule your free consultation or call us at 281-769-9204.

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Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® (PWLC) has been helping people successfully lose excess pounds and inches for over 35 years! We take great ...

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